About Tailorspace

The world needs people who dream big and turn aspirations into reality.


We are a driven group of experts, deeply committed to making a positive impact locally and globally by actively investing in talented and progressive businesses and individuals.

We invest strategically

Tailorspace, the wealth engine behind the Ben Gough Family Office, actively invests in and develops select businesses by providing the expertise, patience and means to transform their vision into commercial reality.


We think intergenerationally

Built on the values of our Family Office, Tailorspace exists in order to protect and grow wealth with our mission reaching far beyond financial return. Ultimately, we are here to contribute to the greater good of New Zealand and create a legacy that will make our children proud.


At Tailorspace we pride ourselves on running a lean organisation powered by a committed and talented team. Our people offer deep skills in finance, property and direct equity investment. United in values, we are all deeply passionate about business and philanthropy – doing good – as well as bringing a sharp commercial edge to the various activities we undertake.

Capability + talent + heart

Our governance team

Ben Gough Managing Director

Ben Gough is the founder of Tailorspace and the Ben Gough Family Office. As Managing Director, Ben assumes overall responsibility for governance and strategic direction. Ben was formerly the Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of Gough Group—a family business for over 90 years—until the successful sale of the business to Sime Darby in 2019.  He is a Director of Mike Greer Homes and Mons Royale. Ben brings his commercial experience and long term perspective to all current ventures, balancing entrepreneurial and established commercial interests.  His business acumen drives the strategic philanthropy and measurable impact focus of the Ben Gough Family Foundation. Ben serves as a Founding Trustee of the Prince’s Trust New Zealand. “Business, family and community are key drivers for me, and the Family Office has brought it all together in one place.  With Tailorspace we are growing a great business that is taking our Canterbury roots and values out into the world.  It’s exciting, fun and challenging.” Also likes: camping with his family, skiing, guitar and laughing with friends.

Sandy Maier Advisory Board Chairman

Sandy is the Chairman of the Advisory Board and has extensive experience in corporate governance and finance. He is currently Chairman of several companies including Pathfinder Asset Management and serves as an independent director for several well-known companies including Coretex, Fronde, and Connexionz. Sandy also holds separate directorships relating to his family companies. “A Family Office is a unique environment setting competitive business nous alongside intergenerational perspectives.  I like bringing my governance experience to this role which challenges us all to make a difference commercially, personally and philanthropically.”

Also likes: travel to all corners of the globe, fishing and tramping.

Peter Rae Independent Advisor

Peter serves as an Independent Advisor and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant.  He is an active investor and professional director, including Executive Chairman of Peter Rae Industries Ltd, a Director and Shareholder of Mutual Credit Finance Ltd and several other private companies. Peter is also Chairman of the Collins Mitre 10 Group and its associated property companies. “I greatly enjoy my involvement with the BGFO team and the challenges associated with the protection and growth of family wealth within a very strong ethical and philanthropic culture”.

Also likes: fishing, skiing, travelling and the great outdoors.

Pen Gough Advisory Board Member and Trustee of the Ben Gough Family Foundation

Pen serves as an Advisory Board Member of Tailorspace, a Trustee of the Ben Gough Family Foundation and a Board member of Canterbury Hockey Association IncorporatedPen actively oversees the Group’s philanthropic direction and guides how the Family Office is perceived in the community. A keen sportswoman, Penny has played for the New Zealand Women’s Hockey team and gained her physiotherapy degree at Otago University. Pen is currently a Trustee of the Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation. “With the Family Office I am strengthening my knowledge around investments, governance and philanthropy.  The whole team is talented and fun. What I’m learning and what we’re all doing together makes for a great work place.”

Also likes: skiing, tennis, golf, black Labradors, raising her family and times in Wanaka.

Our management team

Brett Gamble Chief Executive Officer

Brett oversees and leads the Tailorspace team responsible for investment and asset management strategy and the overall operations of the Group. He has an extensive background in private equity and corporate finance, having grown businesses in both ownership and executive roles.  Brett is a Director of Tailorspace owed businesses, Southbase Group, Mike Greer Homes, Alvarium Investments and Alvarium Wealth (NZ) Limited.  Brett is also Chairman of Enable Networks Limited and the Chalky Carr Trust. “I am passionate about helping organisations grow and deliver their full potential and ultimately take on the world all the way from New Zealand. Tailorspace provides the commercial scale and networks to genuinely make a difference to growing successful businesses. It is a thrill and privilege to be part of it.”

Also likes: running the Port Hills, rugby, watching his children participate in sports and theatre productions.

Glenn Taylor General Manager – Property

Glenn is responsible for the property investment assets of the Group. He is experienced in property investment, property management and development management.  With extensive knowledge of the property and development market in New Zealand, Glenn provides advice to Tailorspace and private clients on a variety of investment and development projects which range across opportunities in the commercial hospitality, retail, hotel and apartment sectors.  Glenn is a committee member and former president of the Property Council of New Zealand South Island Branch. “Property is an exciting industry within an ever changing landscape that contributes positively to the economy.  Tailorspace has a big vision that will provide a positive contribution for future generations, aligning with its long term intergenerational approach to property ownership.”

Also likes: snow skiing, mountain biking, travelling and spending time with his family.

Catherine Boyer Chief Executive Ben Gough Family Foundation

Catherine leads the Ben Gough Family Foundation and serves as a General Advisor to the Family Office. Catherine currently serves as Chair of The Court Foundation and is a past-president of Educate Plus NZ.  Catherine previously worked with the Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation and was Director of Development at St Andrew’s College, Christchurch. Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University. “Strategic philanthropy is a long term interest of mine and now is starting to re-shape the New Zealand charitable sector.  It is exciting to work with a family who is committed to this approach in their giving, both through how they consider grants and in how they lead their communities.”

Also likes: tramping around New Zealand, travelling, books, being on the farm and visiting family.

Rachel Hansen Group CFO

Rachel joined Tailorspace in 2017 and oversees the reporting and finance functions across the Group.  She has 18 years experience working in legal and accounting roles, both in New Zealand and overseas. Rachel is a qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, and is a CA member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.  “Tailorspace has a diversified portfolio of property, equity and direct investments. It has a strong governance structure, combined with an excellent internal family culture. It’s an action-packed organisation, and is a place I enjoy coming to work at.”

Also likes: heading off on family holidays, creating memories, exploring New Zealand and trying to keep up with her two active sons.

Anna scarlett accounts and Office Manager

Anna joined Tailorspace in 2018 and oversees the property management of the Tailorspace property portfolio and the administrative management of the Family Office. Anna’s past experience includes working in payroll, human resources and accounting roles. “The Family Office environment allows me to utilise a diverse range of my skills. I am learning a lot about what it takes to create and grow a successful business while being part of a high-performing team.”

Also likes: hiking, reading, traveling, spending time at the lakes and enjoying family and friends.