The world needs people who dream big and turn aspirations into reality.

We are a driven group of experts, deeply committed to making a positive impact locally and globally, by actively investing in talented and progressive businesses and individuals.

We invest strategically
We back people with the courage to challenge convention, to dream big, think long term and achieve amazing things.  Together, we combine the smarts, skills and experience to deliver on joint aspirations. Tailorspace, the wealth engine behind the Ben Gough Family Office,  actively invests in and develops select businesses by providing the expertise, patience and means to transform their vision into commercial reality.

We think intergenerationally
Built on the values of a Family Office, we are able to invest for the long term in industries to which we know we can add value. We exist in order to protect and grow wealth with our mission reaching far beyond financial return. Ultimately, we are here to contribute to the greater good of New Zealand and create a legacy that will see our children proud.